The Board of Grafein

The Board of Grafein started with 3 persons, then expanded to 5, and now has 4 members.

Maria Kapteijns (1965) is a visual artist (printmaking, photography and video) and has a longstanding experience participating in and curating exhibitions in The Netherlands and abroad. She obtained her Master’s degree in Cultural Sciences at Tilburg University. Maria Kapteijns has worked as an organizer and interviewer on the talk show ‘Eindhoven uit de Kunst’ (2007-2016), regularly gives lectures, and writes texts about art and culture. She is the chairperson of Grafein Foundation.

Cisca Poldervaart (1950) is a visual artist (graphic art, drawing, installation) and since 2008 a member of Kunstliefde and of the national association of printmakers Grafiekplatform. She has a longstanding experience in organizing unexpected projects in the field of art and music in The Netherlands and abroad. She has been the secretary of the Board of Grafein Foundation from the start until 2023.

Joyce Gabeler (1951) is a social psychologist, quality advisor, Excel expert, and coordinator and organizer of art projects. She has been a print collector since 1975 and has been involved in projects in the field of graphic art since 2013. In 2018 she took the initiative to set up the Grafein Foundation. She manages Grafein’s PR channels and is treasurer of the Board of Grafein and contact person for the Friends of Grafein.

Maja Anna Chris (1983) is a visual artist (printmaking, painting, drawing), conservator-restorer, art curator, and art historian (Ph.D. in art history). She has years-long experience in organizing and coordinating various art projects and exhibitions as a participant and as a curator.

Hans Laban (1953) is a visual artist (printmaking, drawing). He has a longtime experience as a teacher at Rijksacademie in Amsterdam, and later at St.Joost school of Art & Design in Breda-Den Bosch (until 2020).

He is a member of Kunstliefde. In addition to his interest in the current developments in the field of graphic art, he is also interested in other forms of art.

Hans Laban, Maja Anna Chris, Cisca Poldervaart, Maria Kapteijns, Joyce Gabeler