Change – Form & Nature

13-29 September 2019

Mihail Petkov IN Sacris II
In Sacris II, Mihail Petkov

In this exhibition with work of Bulgarian artists, Grafein shows prints of artists from different generations.

Georgi Kolev, curator of Lessedra Gallery and initiator of the Print Annual in Sofia, has been our inspirator and advisor. 

Several works of Dimo Kolibarov, Vasil Kolev, Snezhina Bisserova, Alexandra Dimitrova, Valentin Lekov and Mihail Petkov (1933-2015) will be displayed.

Also a small work of the Bulgarian artist Kantcho Kanev, who lives in The Netherlands, will be included.


The exhibition is open:
13-15 September 12-17 hrs.
19-22 September 12-17 hrs.
26-29 September 12-17 hrs.


Anna@KV2, Doelenzaal, Korte Vijverberg 2, 2513 AB Den Haag


Free entry


Masterclass Siligrafie / waterless lithography door Snezhina Bisserova.


Artists in Bulgaria have a different background in different generations. Their work and their environment has changed and was influenced drastically throughout history. Printing arts, in its broadest definition, has proved to work as a sensitive seismograph. The project ‘Change’ shows how changes in society have a big influence on two levels: development of the form and of the techniques of printmaking.

Historically, the fact that 30 years ago the Berlin wall fell, makes 2019 an important moment to stop and take a look at these changes.

  • What has changed?
  • In what way have graphic artists been able to develop themselves?
  • What role played /play the Biennials and Triennials?

Like the artists in the Netherlands are (consciously or not) being influenced by the Dutch masters such as Rembrandt, Bulgarian artists cannot escape the influence of the countless icons found in the monasteries and churches of Bulgaria. In addition, traces of other elements of the Byzantine culture can be found. As the form is chosen by the individual artist, can we (still) recognize this sacral tradition in contemporary art? 

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