CreAct – Open Call for art students

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CreAct – On Printmaking and the Artist Book

OPEN CALL for art students

Stichting Grafein invites you to participate in a printmaking process resulting in an artist book in the broadest sense. The artworks created in this project will be exhibited during the print triennial Grafiek 2022.

Grafein initiates and facilitates printmaking projects in the Netherlands and abroad to generate interest in printmaking in a contemporary context.

Grafein has been contacted by the Stichting Harry van Kruiningen. He was an innovative printmaker, painter, designer and a maker of artist books, but overall Harry van Kruiningen (1906-1996) was an artist with different identities: innovator, initiator, activist and creator. These identities fit to different facets of printmaking and will be leading in this open call.

Printed matter:

Printmaking has a long tradition and is widespread, from fine arts to graphic design, to more conceptual, non-physical appearances. The artist book is an extended practice of this.

Let us stretch the limits!

Challenge all aspects of the techniques and materials. Interact, alter, mutate, imitate, copy and explore the different working processes. Dare to research one or more of the above-mentioned identities. Dive deep into old and newer techniques and resources, breach the gap from the analogue to the digital, from the physical to the conceptual.

Participating will give you opportunities for:

Different art schools are joining in this project investigating the multiple, printmaking and books. Expand your network and discover new places.

  • We will meet up in AGA LAB for a tour, introduction and creating a network. Harry van Kruiningen was one of the founders of Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier (AGA), an Artist run Print Studio.
  • Get inspired by the tour through the collection of artist books and the workshop at Meermanno | Huis van het boek, Den Haag, the oldest book museum in the world.


The results of the project will be exhibited in two group exhibitions during Grafiek 2022 in the Melkfabriek (Den Bosch) and Huis van het boek (Den Haag).

Exploring and research

Get in touch with the workshop-instructors at your academy and the other students who signed up, to exchange ideas.


Write a short motivation letter, to let us know why you want to join. 
Send your motivation, portfolio, and CV to

Deadline: 15 December 2021