Because almost all information about the exhibitions of Grafein and Friends is in Dutch, we refer to the Agenda in Dutch.

Here we will only mention Exhibitions in which Grafein or  Friends participate and information in English is available.

In September and October 2022 there will be international exhibitions.

1 – 30 september, Amstelkerk, Amstelveld 10, Amsterdam

Monday through Friday 9 am – 5 pm

Mirror – face to face

For this eighth edition of Mirror 60 Italian and Dutch printmakers were invited to participate. You can find more details on the Mirror page of this website. On 20 september Maja, Grafeins curator for this project will be at the exhibition from 10 am until noon.

20 september – 20 oktober, Sofia
Graphic Imagery – Transformed Reality

An exhibition in San Stefano Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Dutch participants are: Domenique Himmelsbach, Jeroen de Leijer, Benita Mylius, Sigrid Calon, Jurjen Ravenhorst, Véronique Driedonks, Lia Stouten (image), Marijn Dijkmeijer and Maria Kapteijns.