MIRROR FACE TO FACE 2022 Italian and Dutch Artists Exhibition

The universal language of art connects cultures which meet in a common celebration of their similarities and differences.

As a mirror reflects faces, art reflects emotions and thoughts. That’s why the Vicenza Club for UNESCO supports the annual exhibition Mirror – Face to face, a creative comparison between engraving art in different countries.

For this eighth edition thirty Italian and thirty Dutch artists are invited to participate with one print, for an international public to compare visions, themes and artists’ different techniques, and to see how inspiration crosses time and places. The works will be on show in Italy and in The Netherlands.

The Italian exhibition is curated by Valeria Bertesina, project leader (also curator for Di Carta-Papermade, International artworks on paper Biennial, Schio, Vicenza), while the Dutch exhibition is curated by Maja Anastasova Chris, visual artist, art curator and art historian, board member of Grafein Foundation.

The Club for UNESCO of Vicenza and Grafein Foundation, are the contact points for Italy and The Netherlands, respectively.

Mirror – Face to face project follows the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions and the 2005 Council of Europe Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society. Mirror – Face to face aims to encourage the artistic dialogue and promote cultural diversity as the common heritage of humanity and as the precondition for peace and social justice which should be cherished and preserved for the benefit of all.

Digital list of works 


NL Ad Arma
IT Alessandra Roccasalva
IT Alessia Consiglio e Marcello Fraietta
NL Bea van der Heijden
NL Benita Mylius
IT Calogero Marrali
IT Carla Fusi
NL Caroline Koenders
NL Carrie Meijer
IT Caterina Codato
IT Cecilia Maria Giampaoli
NL Cisca Poldervaart
IT Daria Tasca
IT Elena Greggio e Marco Turetta
IT Erminia Mitrano
IT Fabio Riaudo
IT Giovanni Battisti
IT Giovanni Tonello
IT Giulia Carluccio
IT Giulia Seri
IT Graziella Da Gioz
NL Hanna de Haan
NL Hans Laban
NL Henning Rosenbrock
NL Ida Kleiterp
NL Inez Odijk
NL Isamo Thissen
NL Jiri Buunk
NL Joyce Ennik
IT La scatola nera
IT Laura Manfredi
NL Leonie van Santvoort
NL Lou Vos
NL Maaike Heukelom Schenk
NL Maja Anna Chris
IT Manuela Simoncelli
IT Marcela Miranda
IT Marco Poma
NL Maria Akcay
NL Maria Kapteijns
NL Marijn Dijkmeijer
IT Martina Di Bella
NL Mirka Farabegoli
IT Nedda Bonini
IT Olivia Pegoraro
IT Paola Lucrezi
NL Paul Legeland
NL Peter O. Gerrits
NL Petra Berghorst
IT Raffaele Iommi
IT Roberto Gianinetti
NL Roosmarijn ten Hoopen
IT Silvana Gaspari
IT Silvano Bricola
NL Sjoerd Tegelaers
IT Susanna Doccioli
IT Toni Pecoraro
IT Usama Saad
IT Valeria Gasparrini
NL Valeria Vangelista
NL Wim Jonkman


1 – 30 September 2022   Amstelkerk (Amstelveld 10, Amsterdam)

15 October – 13 November 2022  Kunstliefde (Nobelstraat 12A, Utrecht)

4 – 20 November 2022  Villa Caldogno (Vicenza) Italië.