Graphic Imagery – Transformed Reality

20 september – 20 oktober 2022

An exhibition in Sofia with Bulgarian, German, Polish and Dutch graphic art.

San Stefano Gallery
22 San Stefano str.
Sofia 1504, Bulgaria

Main curator: Snezhina Bisserova, Sofia University

Every year graphics teacher and curator Snezhina Bisserova organizes an exhibition as part of a research project for Sofia University, in which she focuses on contemporary tendencies in international printmaking. For the second time Grafein has been invited, with Maria Kapteijns as curator, for a Dutch contribution.

This year’s theme is Graphic Imagery – Transformed Reality. The focal point is on the different personal graphic languages and styles. The Dutch presentation has opted for works with contemporary characteristics such as engagement and playfulness, as well as conceptual and formal features. Diversity of techniques has also been taken into account.

Exhibiting artists:

Benita Mylius, Domenique Himmelsbach, Jeroen De Leijer, Jurjen Ravenhorst, Lia Stouten, Marijn Dijkmeijer and Maria Kapteijns, Sigrid Calon and Véronique Driedonks.