• Theme of this project is ‘See things in perspective’.
  • The actual posted printed card is the ‘artwork’.
  • Participation is open and free.
  • Each participant can send one artwork.
  • Paper size: c.10×15 cm (postcard), paper of 250–300 gr/m2**.
  • Technique and materials: all printmaking techniques are accepted, as well as other media in combination with any printmaking technique.
  • The artwork should be created and signed on one side (the ‘frontside’) of the postcard 
  • The title of the artwork, technique, name of the artist, country and e-mail address should be mentioned on the backside of the postcard in the left half.
  • The postage stamp and address to be sent to (see below) should be on the backside of the postcard in the right half.
  • Postal costs are to be covered by the participant.
  • Deadline to receive the artworks is 30 April 2021.
  • A photo of the artwork (frontside) should be e-mailed to in advance of sending it by post
  • The artworks should preferably be sent as they are, i.e. without an envelope to the following address:

      Stichting Grafein

      Fluitekruid 13

      1441 XP Purmerend

      The Netherlands

  • Upon arrival the photo of the artwork (frontside) will be uploaded on the Grafein Instagram account with hashtags #printmailart #seethingsinperspective #printmaking2021 #internationalmailart and more and Instagram will be shown on the website of Grafein.
  • Participants can upload photo’s of their artwork on their own social media or in the Facebookgroup Grafeingrafiek.
  • A digital catalogue of all received artworks will be created and published on the website of Grafein
  • The artworks will not be returned, but will be kept in the archives of the Foundation Grafein after finishing of the project.
  • The artworks will be exhibited at one or more venues in 2021 or 2022, address(es) and dates to be confirmed.